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Brazil clients visisted UPS,INVERTER,ROLLING DOOR UPS manufacturer called Netcca.


According to the requirements of the customer, we analysis their enquiry,they are building a plant ,so requesting to build a solar power system.

What should we do?

  Based on thorough understanding customer needs, customer's application load demand and development trend of the current data room and technical needs, carefully to judge the root cause, the final plan focus on "security" "reliable" and "effective", tailored to configure the best solution, UPS to tailor an advanced green energy-saving intelligent power supply system.

NETCCA-News About Brazil Clients Visisted Ups,inverter,rolling door ups manufacturer

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Any technical problems or special problems have been solved through efforts.

  The installation engineer team of the company provides remote assistance and follows up the project progress in many aspects.

  From the design of the pre-plan to the implementation of the plan, netcca installation engineer team has won high praise and recognition from customers with professional technology and excellent service concept.

How should we maintain the after-sales service after the arrival of the goods?

  Through the introduction of ERP, PDM management system and OA office system, improve the level of information management, promote the integration of information and industrialization, to ensure the after-sales service of products.

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  In addition,Netcca adheres to the quality policy of "quality leads to market, innovation leads to sustainable management", and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. The company's new technology is used in many products with good performance, making the products more suitable for the application of harsh environment. The products have gradually passed the certification of China energy saving products, TUV, CE, thiel and other series.

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