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Elevator Defender----Emergence Elevator UPS


NETCCA-Elevator Defender-emergence Elevator Ups, Netcca Technology Group

DT-UPS is an emergence elevator UPS avoiding human assident in case of a power failure of the elevator. Elevator UPS can be equipped with all kinds of VVVF elevators. As an automatic emergency rescue device, when elevator stops running because of interruption of mains supply or other reasons, DT-UPS will response and transfer to DC power and take control of elevator within 3ms, to drive elevator to level position and open the car door or hall door, ensure passengers walk out of the elevator safely. DT-UPS elevator leveling device is the patron saint of elevator passengers, and the elevator defender indispensable for many public places like hotel, hospital, office and shopping mall and so on.

NETCCA-Elevator Defender-emergence Elevator Ups, Netcca Technology Group-1

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