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Induction bin of Netcca new product


Through long time investment of research, Netcca create a new stainless induction bin.

NETCCA-Induction Bin Of Netcca New Product

Upright cylinder design, clean and sanitary

With the Induction function, when your hand closed to the top of the bin, the cover will open up by itself. After 5 seconds, it will also closed automatically. A breakthrough compare to open trash and traditional manual foot style, greatly improving the user's cleanness and convenience

NETCCA-Induction Bin Of Netcca New Product-1

Both anti fall, and safe. Stainless steel barrel body, ABS cover and pressure ring, greatly reducing the possibility of injury to human body.

The power supply mode is various. The intelligent garbage can is equipped with USB charging line

It can be conveniently charged for the lithium battery at any time. It is simple and convenient.

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