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PCH 600VA,BE 1.2KVA,4200


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The uninterruptible power system(UPS) provides the ability to set up email or text alerts to alert you immediately when an alert occurs, and to remotely shut down the data center servers if power is not supplied quickly after a power outage. Network Settings like this actually encourage preventive UPS maintenance and good transaction management. Can record power supply, low battery capacity and so on. All of these valuable facts and data can be analyzed instantly over the network, both on-site and remotely, by a trusted UPS maintenance provider. The network environment can even help improve the operational efficiency of large data centers. Information from dozens of UPS on the same network can be collected, studied, and used to optimize load management.


At the same time, the UPS power supply can ensure the stability, precision and reliability of the output power supply, and make the load run safely. This product adopts digital control technology, can realize the function of parallel expansion and parallel redundancy, and provide the flexibility and safety guarantee of power supply planning for users. This architecture can be extended with enterprise demand resiliency to be truly on demand. It is worth mentioning that the UPS power supply only needs to install a parallel machine card on each machine to realize the real parallel machine, so it lays a good foundation for the expansion of the enterprise in the future. Concerned person in charge expresses, this kind of design considers user demand well, also be a kind of economy and feasible product design.


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Monitoring systems can transform uninterruptible power supplies into truly intelligent devices that can not only identify potential problems, but also perform ongoing strategic analysis, preventive maintenance, and remote monitoring capabilities. All of these measures and actions will have a huge positive impact and help users run their UPS systems at higher levels of performance and efficiency.


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