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The Advantages of A Rack Modular UPS


Today, Our main goal is to talk about the advantages of a rack modular UPS.

NETCCA-The Advantages Of A Rack Modular Ups, Netcca Technology Group

What are the advantages of rack modular UPS?

Parallel redundancy, stable operation, and high reliability

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In rack modular UPS, the power module part is redundant in parallel, and each module is equipped with input and output insurance and input and output relay. Failure of any module will not affect the work of the whole system.

In traditional UPS products, users generally adopt "1+1" or "N+1" parallel redundancy mode to ensure safety, which can only tolerate fault once. In the rack modular UPS system, users only need to purchase the corresponding power module to achieve "N+X" fault redundancy. "Modular redundant parallel" is more reliable than traditional UPS.

Easy maintenance, online disposal, high availability  

Traditional UPS requires professional and technical personnel to go to the site for maintenance. All modules of modular UPS are allowed to be hot-plugged, and users can intervene for maintenance and directly replace UPS spare modules online.

Rack modular UPS inherits the development achievements of traditional UPS technology in terms of power device technology and manufacturing process, but in terms of system architecture, based on the parallel connection of multiple modules, it not only realizes the hot plugging of system modules but also better handles the relationship of system module operation, mutual cooperation, and smooth conversion.

The modular rack UPS is a typical structure at present

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One is power modular UPS. The power module is composed of rack and power module, which includes the rectifier, filtering, charging, inverter and other parts of traditional UPS. But the static bypass shares the same rack with some of the system's monitoring and display. Each module controls the parallel operation. The display control module on the upper part of the cabinet only serves as the user switch UPS host and network monitoring platform.

The other type is completely modular UPS. This kind of rack modular UPS is composed of rack and single module, every single module is equipped with the whole UPS power supply and control circuit, including rectifier, inverter, static bypass switch and attached control circuit, CPU main control board. Each UPS module has its own management system.

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