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Visit by Lebanese customer


The Lebanese customer sent a representative to our factory to inspect the goods and invited a third party inspection agency to inspect the factory. After determining that the equipment, management, UPS and INVERTER of NETCCA can meet international standards, they will sign the strategic cooperation agreement of 2019 with our company and give long-term stable orders to NETCCA.


Customer representative and testing institutions under the guidance of NETCCA marketing director and engineer to visit our work shop, customers seriously understand every detail and extract product samples for testing, after complete test customer very pleased with the test results of our products, at the same time, the customer noticed that we made products for the United States, the Japanese customers, consulting whether we can make out of their products with the specifications of the grade, NETCCA director tell the customer, quality is a passport to the world, as long as the customer has requirements, we will cooperate with.


The customer happily accepted our suggestion and signed the strategic cooperation agreement of 2019 with our company and placed the order of next month.

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