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Why We Use UPS Power?


UPS power supply (on-line) has three basic functions:

1. Uninterrupted power supply;

2. Stable voltage and frequency;

3. Municipal power purification function;

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Two or three features in particular may be overlooked.

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As you know, in many places, there is a serious contradiction between supply and demand, the improvement of the power grid is not satisfactory, and insufficient or unstable power supply is a common phenomenon. Although your computer can be started up normally under these circumstances, you do not know that frequent dynamic fluctuations of voltage and frequency (especially during peak power consumption) will make your computer's internal sensitive electronic components wear out greatly, reducing its service life. Although the computer is equipped with corresponding switching power supply, but in the face of poor power grid, the actual effect is limited.

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As is known to all, a lot of electrical equipment do not have green electricity conditions also extensive use on power grid, the busy rush surge, higher harmonic, clutter noise such as feedback to the public power grid, power grid caused by secondary pollution, the damage to the user the use of computers, can cause the malfunction of computer internal components, cause the data to computer somehow lost its second, file disorder, but also easy to make the computer internal components wear overheating and accelerated aging.

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According to the simulation experiment of relevant power supply experts at home and abroad, it is concluded that the use life of PC can be extended by 0.35 times if the PC is equipped with UPS power supply, while the cost of configuring UPS only accounts for 0.05-0.08 times of the computer. What's more, UPS can also play the function of delaying uninterruptible power when the computer is in power failure. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not configure UPS when you buy a computer!(more details,please visit:

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